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The Department of Marketing offers two undergraduate programmes (Bachelor of Commerce - B.Com, Marketing) and Bachelor of Commerce - B.Com, Tourism and Hospitality Management) and provides courses for UDBS’s postgraduate programmes (PhD, MBA, MIT, MIB, MITL, MEED, PGDEED and PGDMF). It has 23 qualified, competent and experienced academic staff. The strength of the Department is in the areas of international trade, international business, tourism, retailing, services marketing and integrated marketing communications. Research and consultancies conducted singly or jointly by members of the Department and collaborating partners from within and outside the country are in a wide range of sectors, such as entrepreneurship and enterprise development, retailing, branding, advocacy, services marketing and customer care, environmental conservation, tourism, international trade and international business. The Department organizes an International Conference on Sustainable Tourism in Developing Countries (ICST-DC) annually. Participants from all over the world are invited to come and participate.

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